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Caption for Bradford, Alhambra And New Victoria Theatre C1950: The 1800-seat Alhambra was built in 1914 by the pantomime impresario Francis Laidler, who also ran the nearby Prince's Theatre. The Alhambra was extensively renovated in 1986, and attracts major touring shows. Two million bricks went into the New Victoria Theatre, which opened on 22 September 1930 with the film 'Rookery Nook'. It was the city's supercinema, complete with ballroom and café. It later became the Gaumont/Odeon Cinemas and bingo social club. It has recently been eclipsed by a new Odeon multiplex on the outskirts.

An extract from West Yorkshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Bradford

memory of a very wealthy city. Beautiful shops- Brown Muffs, busbys, claydons, mathias robinson. Barclays bank international division was in Bradford but not in Leeds because the overseas dealings with all wool merchants and textile manufacturers meant foreign transfers and foreign money meant demands in (...Read full memory)

l was born 18-08-55, that makes me 62yrs of age, to a lot of people who write there memo- ries on this blog l suppose l'm "nowt but a pup"as l got called when l 1st started work at 15yrs old, my dad got me a job as a apprent- ice motor mechanic,(in them days thats what dads did, it was a case of who u (...Read full memory)

I used to go to The Roxy on Saturday morning. Roy Rogers etc. it was fantastic. Am I right in remembering taking jam jars and newspapers, so we could get in a bit cheaper? None of us behaved too well, there was plenty of yelling and jumping up and down.

I went to the Alassio with a friend from school. We lied to our parents and said we were at the Christian Debating Society at Hanson Girls Grammar. I can remember the smell and the sound of the coffee machine. The cups were an orange coloured glass. We met two, much older boys/men there. It was all terribly exciting and risque and (...Read full memory)

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