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I was born in Chapel Street, in 1947. My uncle, Len Gray, had a newsagents in the town, near the bus stop by the Old Post Office, as was. My Grandad used to sell papers on the Five Ways and as a girl I would stand with him, and later progressed to having a paper round, down Corbett Road. I worked as a (...Read full memory)

I was born in chapel street number 14wich was the back of a shop next to gittens it was owned by mrs price who also lived there at the back of the house my grandmother dolly perry had 2 shops along the high street and a lodging house which was mostly ocupied by irish men who came to do our roads ect i have lots (...Read full memory)

The bike shop in Moor Street next to the central chip shop was Wilkinson's, also sold guns and fishing gear, got my maggots there for fishing in the nine locks, Pat Collins fair on the bank by Brierley Hill alliance football ground opposite the baths before they were built,I remember the baths being built also the (...Read full memory)

I remember Chattins. They had a machine powered by AIR to take the money to the office and then return the change and receipts to the customer, it went up the wall and across the ceiling and then disappeared into the back and then appeared again. They used to have a Club where an employee came round the customers' (...Read full memory)

Before Gordon Crescent and Terrace Street estate was built my Great Grandfather owned a cottage at the end of Terrace Street. It was called Harts Hill Cottage and was quite substantial and was double fronted and overlooked Fens Pool. He was a music teacher and died in 1915 and his wife in 1922 and (...Read full memory)

I also worked delivering papers for Len Grey, I delivered down Mill Street and some down Corbett Road (where I lived) and in the Delph. When I started work, the first day the Sun newspaper came out I brought it from Lens shop and for a few years after because that's where we were picked up.

I also remember Chattin and Horton shop in Brierley Hill high street yes, it was a very exciting store especially at Christmas.  I was six years old and my sister who was four years older saw a lovely toy baby grand piano in the window. She said to my mother that Judith would love that piano for Christmas. That Christmas morning the piano was there waiting for me.  I was over the moon, happy days!

I was born in Herts Hill. Holly Hall 64 years ago in a house on the main road next door but one to the Doctors, the doctors name was Dr. McCormack. Opposite was a pub called The Stag. My father and his brothers had an engineering company in Vine Street Called Cartwright Brothers Engineering Ltd. I (...Read full memory)

Hi, does anyone have any memories, details or photos of the church as it used to be, also the graveyard and surrounding areas? Would be most grateful for any info. Thank you

At the top of the town towards the flats is St Mary's church.  I used to attend St Mary's school which was situated behind the church.  One day when everyone turned up for school it had been burned to the ground, I think I was told one of the teachers left an electric fire on.  I can only remember the infant class, (...Read full memory)