Burgess Hill, Station Road c.1965

Memories of Burgess Hill

I was a student at Oakmeeds before it went comprehensive. In those days we had huge playing fields looked after by my mate's dad Mr Agate. The footpath ran straight through the school and the general public could walk through anytime. All the blocks were seperate so we got soaked then it rained between lessons, it didn't (...Read full memory)

We moved from Balham to Burgess Hill in 1956. My parents had bought 267 Junction Road and then proceeded to renovate the house as it was in a shocking condition. Both my parents worked in London so I walked to my grandparents' house daily at 227 Junction Road. Saturday morning was time to go to Worlds End (by (...Read full memory)

I was born in 14 Church Road, the property above the jewellers. I lived in Burgess Hill until I was eight years old. I remember the open air swimmng pool and all the areas around the town which were fields. I started school at London Road School or Junction Road School as it was known. I remember the Salvation Army playing their music at the corner of Church Road every Sunday morning.

I too remember Mrs Duckworth though she was not my teacher, my first teacher was Miss Richardson and also there was a Mrs Parrott. I then went to a class run by Mrs Donnovan, Mr Baird was head master and Ms Brown was the scary teacher, also I was in Mr Eliot's and Mr Smith's class. Of course all gone now (...Read full memory)

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