Memories of Burgess Hill

Dug out my old school report.. teachers on it Miss Holloway "He is still very dreamy in class" and I was top of the class!!!!! ,F W A Donaldson, P D Jackson,L Davis, J Fernee (wife of Jon Fernee) and of course the head J A Baird. Mr Baird punished me for a crime I did not commit I was pushed (...Read full memory)

I was born in Burgess Hill in 1955 and lived at 18 Peartree Close. There was a rough track behind the house with rear access to garages, and we spent loads of time playing up and down this track and in the woods beyond. I used to go to London Road Primary School and remember Mrs Duckworth as my teacher. Before (...Read full memory)

Anyone familiar with Burgess Hill (I lived there from 1956 until 2012) will know that this photo is incorrectly titled. London Road is some way off to the south - turn left at distant St John's church spire. We are of course looking from Station Hill (which is the bridge over the railway line) down towards the (...Read full memory)

I was born in Burgess Hill in 1957 and lived there until 17. My parents owned Herbert & Sons Sports good shop (later just Herberts) my grandparents originlly owned it as ran it as a sports shop and shoe repairs. I went to Junction Road Junior School. Wonderful memories

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