Burgess Hill, Station Road c.1965

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Memories of Burgess Hill

I too remember Mrs Duckworth though she was not my teacher, my first teacher was Miss Richardson and also there was a Mrs Parrott. I then went to a class run by Mrs Donnovan, Mr Baird was head master and Ms Brown was the scary teacher, also I was in Mr Eliot's and Mr Smith's class. Of course all gone now (...Read full memory)

Lived in Burgess Hill for over ten years and I am the little girl in the postcard !

We moved from Balham to Burgess Hill in 1956. My parents had bought 267 Junction Road and then proceeded to renovate the house as it was in a shocking condition. Both my parents worked in London so I walked to my grandparents' house daily at 227 Junction Road. Saturday morning was time to go to Worlds End (by (...Read full memory)

My mother Gladys Robertson was a matron at St Peter's Court when Rev. Charles Hobley presided and his son McDonald Hobley attended. Unfortunately I have very little other details other than a school group photograph. Would anyone have any details of the school, photographs etc that may include anything related to my (...Read full memory)

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