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South Wales Photographic Memories

South Wales Photographic Memories

The photo 'Caerphilly, Chapel and Clock Tower 1899' appears in this book.

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Caption for Caerphilly, Chapel And Clock Tower 1899: Caerphlly was primarily an industrial and market town. The cheese of the same name was possibly first made in the market during the 13th or 14th centuries, but the market was closed in the early 1900s (not long after this photograph was taken), and production of the cheese was dispersed to other locations.

An extract from South Wales Photographic Memories.

Memories of Caerphilly

I used to live in Bartlett Street next to the bus station. My first job in Caerphilly was as a delivery driver for Harris & Ash DIY merchants, they were situated in a double fronted shop opposite the castle, although I came across a photograph recently that showed their shop as originally opposite the bus and railway (...Read full memory)

I left Caerphilly in 1955 to join the Royal Airforce. Prior to this I worked for AJ Marshall Wholesale Confectioners in Castle Street. I went to school at The Twyn Secondary Modern as it was then known. I remember coming on leave and having a few pints in the Clives Hotel, on leaving I took the short cut (...Read full memory)

My father purchased the Dowdings Estate Agency, I think possibly from the owner Mr William Dowding, in 1955. The original building, built circa 1900, was then sold to Lloyd's Bank when my father's business closed down in the mid 1980's. They originally rented just the ground floor and subsequently (...Read full memory)

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