Old Maps of Camelon

Historic Maps of Camelon and the local area.

Old map of Camelon in 1904-1907
Map of Camelon in 1904-1907
Old map of Camelon in 1904-1907

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Camelon from other years.

I was born in Falkirk in 1962. I lived in Mariner Drive then Mariner Road until I was 40 years old before moving to Summerford. I went to Easter Carmuirs Primary School and hated most of my time there; only really enjoying school when I moved on to Camelon High School then Falkirk College of Technology and Glasgow (...Read full memory)

I went to Carmuirs School. Was there when the Queen was crowned and remember getting a mug at this time. Also remember being in few shows at the school. I was once the magic mirror in Snow White. We lived in Hamilton Street which was very lively with lots of children around. I also remember walking past (...Read full memory)