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Travel around Scotland through the pages of this book and discover a selection of the delicious traditional food of the country, as well as stories and fascinating facts behind the recipes. Your journey is given added flavour by the delightful historical images from The Francis Frith Collection, showing the people and places of Scotland in the past. A Taste of Scotland includes 50 recipes, some traditional, some reflecting local produce that Scotland is famous for, some linked to characters or historical personages or events, some versions adapted to suit modern tastes.Rediscover 50 traditional locally-inspired dishes. Some recipes are modern interpretations using some of the fine local produce that Scotland is famous for - we hope that this unique book provides you with a true taste of Scotland!

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  • ISBN 978-1-84589-462-7
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A Recipe from this book

'Stovies' – Potato, Onion and Bacon Hotpot

This makes a tasty, filling and cheap supper dish. Either bacon rashers, scraps of cooked bacon leftover from a boiled joint or bacon off-cuts from a butcher can be used. A couple of tablespoonfuls of grated cheese can also be added to the sauce, if preferred. Do not be too heavy-handed with the salt, as the bacon will add a certain amount of saltiness to the dish anyway. Often known as 'Stovies' in Scotland, this can also be made with leftover cooked meat such as beef and lamb, cut into pieces.

Taken from page 66 of A Taste of Scotland

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