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Travel around the regions of England through the pages of the books in our new 'A Taste of ...' series, and discover the delicious variety of our traditional dishes, as well as some of the stories behind the recipes. Your journey will be given added flavour by delightful period images from The Francis Frith Collection, showing the people and places of these regions in past times. Each title in the series explores a particular region, featuring some of its cities, towns and villages in glorious period photographs, with a selection of the local food and recipes that the area is known for. Many traditional dishes were devised to take best advantage of local produce, but also reflect the limited cookery techniques that were available - marvel at the skill of the housewife in times past, able to provide cheap and tasty meals with only a fire, a skillet and a cauldron to cook with, often producing the historical version of 'boil in the bag' meals! Approximately 30 recipes are included in each title, some traditional, some reflecting local products that the areas were famous for in the past, some linked to characters or historical personages or events, some versions adapted to suit modern tastes.

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A Recipe from this book

Yorkshire Fat Rascals

These delicious fruited teacakes with a rich crust are a sort of cross between scones and rock cakes, and are a favourite delicacy in many a Yorkshire tearoom. The original versions would have been cooked in Yorkshire homes either on a ‘backstone’ or on a griddle over a turf fire, and they were also known as turf cakes in the past. The use of glacé cherries and candied peel is a more recent addition. This quantity should make 8 Fat Rascals.

Taken from page 64 of A Taste of Yorkshire

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