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Kent Photographic Memories

Kent Photographic Memories

The photo 'Canterbury, West Gate and St Dunstan's Street 1921' appears in this book.

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The Frith photographer returned just over thirty years later to take a further picture of the West Gate. A car and motorcycle are now in evidence, but little else has changed.

An extract from Kent Photographic Memories.

Other Memories from Canterbury

This picture is actually of All Saints Lane. My wife and I lived in the furthest timbered cottage from 1958 to around 1964. The cottage was originally two small cottages and as a consequence it had two stair cases each leading up to a single bedroom. It was a delightful place to live because it had a very small rear courtyard right on the river and just downstream of the ducking stool at The Weavers. Mr ...see more

There are several dating features on both this print and subsequent ones and inspection of the church today that suggest that the photograph is probably correctly dated at 1888.  The pews shown were installed in that year, replacing an earlier box version.  A memorial tablet on the wall in commemorating the life of a local lady who died in 1888 does not appear although it is present on ...see more

St John's Hospital is home to 35 elderly people. 24 live in the older part. There are 6 houses each holding 4 flats. House six can be seen in the photo, it stands alongside the hospital chapel. The chapel is used twice a week by the residents. Beyond the chapel and graveyard are two more modern buildings, St John's House is about 40 years old and comprises of 2 flats, one of which is occupied by the ...see more

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