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I visited Catterick Camp in 1954 as a member of a visiting shooting team from 35 base workshops R.E.M.E. During breaks we used visit a house near the range where the lady of the house, known as Ma, would sell us mugs of tea and wonderful home made apple pie. Has anyone else have memories of this lady? T.Maskell, Exeter

The 1st week of June - Richmond House - Vimy lines. 20 Troop, D.I Sgt Major Geough, Cpl Joness, l/cpl Peter Tiltman, Sgt Geough, 20 Troop won drill for 3rd time - so he keeps the cup. Over my dead body if necessary. I was the one to be beasted and right marker 4.30am til 22.00 hrs (never left me) - (...Read full memory)

The four Nurses in the front from left to right is; Terri Dunnage (aka me), I am sitting next to Lance Corpral Mavis Sevenoaks, then Shiela (with the glasses). The girl on the right had ginger hair (poor girl was killed in a traffic accident in Ireland).

I spent many a happy hour playing table tennis, snooker and swimming, seems like yesterday. The top board of the swimming pool always seemed so high.

Can anyone remember the Guilders living in Teesdale Road in 1955/56? It was fun the group of 4 quarters watching fireworks from inside, and eating jacket potatoes and parkin made by

I can remember this scene, had 13 weeks of this during training, although my time was earlier than this from Oct 15 1953 to Jan 1954. The soldier at front with arms swinging was just like me. I am over 6ft and always was the lead man during drills. Rifle Drill was the worst, as we had very sore shoulders with the Lee (...Read full memory)

National Serviceman OWL III at Bourlon Lines in 1950. A grand announcement was made that all leaves and or passes were cancelled. The reason was the "regimental weekend". I recall it was the Catterick Fair and had all the delights of what a fair was. I, myself was unable to partake of any relaxation as I was put (...Read full memory)

Trained with the 5th Dragoon Guards, cannot remember intake number, only that it was April 17th 1956 by a Cpl. Blinkhorn. What stands out a Sgt. D'arcy riding around on an Indian motor bike, he sometimes rode side-saddle.

Following completion of my initial Army training at Squires Gate Camp, Blackpool and at Warley (Essex) I was posted to the School of Signals at Catterick. Le Catau and Baghdad Lines. After several weeks of Training as an Operator, Wireless and Line, the whole training school moved to Scarborough, what a pleasant (...Read full memory)

During 1946 and 1947 aged 5/6 I went with other friends from Whinney Hill to the 'School for Officers Children', which I now believe is a military dental hospital, on Scotton Rd. I lived at No 11, Whinney Hill, now a training area, and moved to Bournemouth at the end of 1947, my father having retired from (...Read full memory)