Old Maps of Catterick

Historic Maps of Catterick and the local area.

I visited Catterick Camp in 1954 as a member of a visiting shooting team from 35 base workshops R.E.M.E. During breaks we used visit a house near the range where the lady of the house, known as Ma, would sell us mugs of tea and wonderful home made apple pie. Has anyone else have memories of this lady? T.Maskell, Exeter

The 1st week of June - Richmond House - Vimy lines. 20 Troop, D.I Sgt Major Geough, Cpl Joness, l/cpl Peter Tiltman, Sgt Geough, 20 Troop won drill for 3rd time - so he keeps the cup. Over my dead body if necessary. I was the one to be beasted and right marker 4.30am til 22.00 hrs (never left me) - (...Read full memory)