Chapel En Le Frith, Bank Hall c.1940

Memories of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Bank Hall c1940

I lived here in the 80's it was a bed and breakfast accommodation for people on benefits and as a single mum who had moved up from Sussex it was the most quiet and delightful. Mr Richard Andrew's was the owner and he was forever running around fixing and building walls to make it so pleasent to live there. My (...Read full memory)

Bank Hall was a school back in the 1970s. The head was a Mr Brennan. It would be lovely to chat to any other lads that were at the school at the time. I've seen a few things in the night, ladies in white and a few dogs from the kennels. I could write abook on this school. I visited Bank Hall some time (...Read full memory)

Hi Carl, yeh mixed memories of Bank Hall, Kevin Brennan, the head, Roger Cubby, Peter Lucas, Alan Ticombe, Gerald Phillips, Leicester Symthe etc who were staff, and the pupils Ray Lynch, Phil Carney, Steve Butler etc etc. Great location and all those trips out to Monsall Dale etc, the youth club in chapel and the (...Read full memory)

Bank Hall School 1977 to its close in 1980, I remember the head, Mr Brennan, and his wife living in the house just next to the the main house, also Peter Lucas, Pete Denver, Mr Lowery. There were a few women there at the time, I remember a girl house-mother called Pippa, her mother worked there too. As I (...Read full memory)

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