Old Maps of Cheam

Historic Maps of Cheam and the local area.

Anyone remember THE WOODSTOCK , my friends and I used to go dancing there. We used to have such great times 1968 - 1970. There was Me Jackie, Tania Davy, Eileen Fisher, Nigel , Robert. I remember a song Knock on Wood. Such memories. I cannot remember Roberts's last name, hoping he sees this and gets in touch, we (...Read full memory)

I lived on the London Road, opposite Nonsuch Park until I was 19 years old, half way between North Cheam and Ewell Village. If you check the map this is Malden Road, not Maldon Road, and this photo is North Cheam not Cheam (Village), a short bus ride away from Cheam itself as I recall. My friend Sally Ann and (...Read full memory)