Cheam, Nonsuch Park, Bellgate Entrance 1925

Memories of Cheam

Anyone remember THE WOODSTOCK , my friends and I used to go dancing there. We used to have such great times 1968 - 1970. There was Me Jackie, Tania Davy, Eileen Fisher, Nigel , Robert. I remember a song Knock on Wood. Such memories. I cannot remember Roberts's last name, hoping he sees this and gets in touch, we (...Read full memory)

I was born in Churchill Road in 1943. Attended the Chatsworth Road Infants and Secondary and went on to Senhouse Efficiency College. I also attended Vanes and remember the shows we put on at the Cheam Social Club. We used to tap dance to Shirley Temple's 'good ship lollipop'. It was great fun. Also (...Read full memory)

I was a pupil here and Miss Dickie ('The Bird' as we called her) was our headmistress and much respected and revered. I believe she retired a while after. It was an excellent school though we did take it all for granted sometimes. We were always looking forward to when we could raise the funds for the swimming hall, which did (...Read full memory)

I lived on Dunster Avenue, Morden, then moved to Ash Rd, Sutton, near the Woodstock. Remember well playing water polo for the Sutton Nad Cheam swimming club. Great games on a Saturday night followed by a pint in The Queen Vic. Would love to hear from someone about the swim club or Sutton Grammar School. I am living in Canada as I have done for nearly 50 years.

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