Chelmsford, The Site Of Bishop's Hall Mill 2005

Memories of Chelmsford

I have in my possesion a pocket watch, the final proceeds of a family will of which William Loveday was one of the executors. It was given to my grandfather, one Arthur Raven as a keepsake in clearing up the last few shillings of the bequest. In searching my family history I came to Chelmsford and found that the shop known as (...Read full memory)

William Leech moved from St Martins in the Field, London to 20 Duke Street,  Chelmsford in 1794. There he started up his gun maker's shop. Later he moved to 3 &4 Tindale Street, Chelmesford. Percy Leech, the last family gun maker, trading under W Leech & Sons, sold the business (...Read full memory)

My great grandfather, Albert William Hawkes, his brother Charles and their brother-in-law John Burles had a sweet manufacturing company on New St, in Chelmsford. They also had a sweet shops on Duke St, Springfield Rd and two shops on Moulsham St. There was a wholesaler of Hawkes' sweets behind (...Read full memory)

This shot hasn't changed much on the right hand side at all. There is one more building towards us, out of shot, which is where the present day Co-op Store stands on the corner of Wells Street. The large building in the distance with the chimney pots still stands to-day on the corner of Broomfield Road. To (...Read full memory)

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