Chelmsford, Rodney House 1901

Memories of Chelmsford

I have a photograph (taken by Fred Spalding) of all the (mainly female) workers who did the night shift at Hoffmann's Turret taken in January 1919. One of the workers is my grandmother aged 23. Can anyone supply any history to what these workers may have actually been doing? Would they have been (...Read full memory)

I have in my possesion a pocket watch, the final proceeds of a family will of which William Loveday was one of the executors. It was given to my grandfather, one Arthur Raven as a keepsake in clearing up the last few shillings of the bequest. In searching my family history I came to Chelmsford and found that the shop known (...Read full memory)

This view is taken from outside the island where the current Lloyds Bank stands, and shows the view down the High Street. In the background can be seen the spire, which was the Wesleyan Church, and to-day is the site of the old Caters House. On the right hand, you can see a shop blind near (...Read full memory)

The car would have been parked outside where the Duke Street Post Office once stood. The man behind it about to step on the pavement has just crossed Broomfield Road into Duke Street. Behind him can be seen the awnings of the fruit and vegetable shop which once stood there. Even clearer in this picture (...Read full memory)

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