Chertsey, The Lock And Bridge c.1950

Memories of Chertsey

This was St Thomas's RC secondary school when I attended between 1957 and 1962. We had some fun and didn't learn much. More memories from past pupils are on the Friends Reunited website.

The picture of is the new Stepgates Girls School, opened in September 1908. Very little had changed between 1908 and 1960, the road had been given a smoother surface and railings placed in front of the gate.

The boys home was an awful place but I remember falling in love with a blonde haired angel who like me, attended Stepgates School. Her name was Gillian Vincent and I still have a photograph of her tucked away somewhere. After this romance ended, I fell for Josephine Roake of Station Rd, Chertsey (...Read full memory)

Does anyone know where Ottershw Road was?

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