Chinley, Green Lane c.1960

Photo ref: C704021

Memories of Chinley

We are trying to track down our family and we have records that a Thomas Anthony Clarke lived at Lyndhurst, Buxton Road, Chinley and was a Agricultural Hardware Merchant. If anyone has any information that would help us trace a long lost Great Grandfather you would not imagine how grateful we would be! His father was Neville and his mother Florence Thank you Louise Clarke( Kent)

Hi, I am just wondering if anyone, anyone at all, remembers a lady called Joan or Lucy Clarke, born about 1921? Her mother was called Elsie May Clarke (as far as I know), I don't know Joan's father's full name... I know Joan was close to her dad or it may have been her grandad. I also know that around the late 1930s she (...Read full memory)

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