Old Maps of Cippenham

Historic Maps of Cippenham and the local area.

Way back in the late 1930s and early 1940s I lived in Westgate Crescent and used to walk the length of Bower Way every day to Cippenham school, carrying my gas mask in a cardboard box. I used to be friends with Tony Rimmer who lived in that street. There used to be a passage way to a large Dry Cleaning company on the right at (...Read full memory)

There are 3 Hills on the memorial, but they're only dad's cousins, his father and 2 uncles came back from the trenches. Grandad (another Bill Hill, like dad) was always in the Legion and Gt Uncle Harry (who lived in Chalvey with his sis, Ethel) carried the flag on Remembrance Day. Funny how different generations used (...Read full memory)