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Other Memories from Colchester

Hi I worked at Essex Hall when was 17 as a cadet nurse it was situated alongside North Station..Happy Days

Added 12 January 2020
I have been living in Melbourne Australia since emigrating with my parents in 1962. I have such fond memories of growing up and volunteering to be installed in the stocks during visiting hours at the castle with my cousins. I went to Mile End primary school then onto St Helena high. I started my hairdressing apprenticeship at Marion Lear hair salon. If anyone should read this that knows me as Margaret Long please contact me as I would love to hear from you.

Yes....it was cold. Not as cold as the grammar school open air pool mind when swimming lessons began in May term. My aunt Edith Baines used to teach at the open air pool, and by the end of the summer she was the colour of teak !

I also visited Salisbury Avenue where my grandparents lived, every day, as I came home from the Grammar School. I regularly went past the barracks and along the Artillery Folly on my way to the bus station then in St Johns street. So much has altered. I remember from early years at Salisbury Avenue the lighting of the gas lamps, the visits of the shrimp and winkle man, and several horse drawn traders, who produced manure for my grandmothers garden!

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