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I was the licensee of the above for an all too brief time and had some regular customers who arrived every week-day evening at opening time and were called "The Club". Among them I remember a Ken & Penny Upton and a retired local Headmaster who was known as "Casey". Time erodes memory, especially re: names, but I hope someone reads this and contacts me with any information regarding these very happy days.  

Added 14 October 2008
I remember in my 1st year at the Royal Grammar School (1955), I was selected to read the 1st lesson at the school Carol Service at the Town Hall. Also the borough organist was Leonard Simpson who was also organist and choir master at St Mary at the Walls Church where I was a chorister in the late 50's. I also remember coming to a dance here with my parents who were involved in the organisation. I suspect it was the BP Guild, but not sure.

Yes, I can remember some happy sunny afternoons on the lookout for boys around the mid 1970s, we used to pool hop between the new indoor and the old outdoor, A less happy memory was doing my 50m Preliminary 2 with Heathlands Primary, as we travelled there on the coach the sky was black and we were all sure it would be cancelled, it was a FREEZING cold day. But no, we all got lined up at the edge of the pool ...see more

This photo' reminded me of those carefree summer days when we would cycle from Myland to the pool, leave our bikes, unlocked, in a heap outside, pay our 6d and go to the dank, cold, changing room under the bridge. The girls had to cross the end of the pool by a boardwalk to their changing room on the other side. There were high diving boards so the pool was about ten feet deep at the deep end. We ...see more

Added 12 February 2008

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