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Colchester Photographic Memories

Colchester Photographic Memories

The photo 'Colchester, Lexden Church 1895' appears in this book.

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Originally a separate village, Lexden is now absorbed in Colchester's south-western expan- sion, but its identity is still clear with the church at its heart. The nave is of 1820 and cement- rendered, and the flint chancel dates from 1894. The robust memo- rial drinking fountain dates from 1893.

An extract from Colchester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Colchester, Lexden Church 1895

I was the licensee of the above for an all too brief time and had some regular customers who arrived every week-day evening at opening time and were called "The Club". Among them I remember a Ken & Penny Upton and a retired local Headmaster who was known as "Casey". Time erodes memory, especially re: names, but I hope someone reads this and contacts me with any information regarding these very happy days.  

Added 14 October 2008
While we were living in Colchester between 1955 and 1958, I was confirmed at this church at Lexden, Colchester. I had little memory of the church, but then while looking through the photos for Colchester I came across this photo much to my delight as this was where I was confirmed. Colchester Castle grounds was a beautiful place to walk through. Every year the Army Tattoo was displayed in the grounds too.

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