Old Maps of Coldharbour

Historic Maps of Coldharbour and the local area.

Memories of Coldharbour

Read and share your memories of Coldharbour itself or of a particular photo of Coldharbour.

In July 1959, I was born at home, to Eric and Ann Shields in Coldharbour village.  My father was the village policeman; we lived in what was then the police house, which was situated next to the village shop opposite the schoolhouse.  All of these properties have now been turned into private homes, but in the (...Read full memory)

In May 1971 my mother (Jeanne Grenville) brother Chris and I rented 'Ruffeys' at Coldharbour. We had just arrived from Melbourne, Australia and we were to make our home in the UK. Chris and I were so homesick for our friends and fun days down the beach. We were very lucky that the spell of our beautiful (...Read full memory)