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Memories of Collaton

I remember that my uncle worked at RAF Collation Cross in 1939-1941, he was working on barrage balloons and the site was the base of a maintenance unit ( in the 800 group) that undertook the servicing balloons used for the air defence of Plymouth. Many years later (1980's) I was an engineer working for the (...Read full memory)

I lived in Collaton Cross for a short while when my Husband was in the R.A.F. My surname then was TURTLE. My son Nicholas was born in the house in Collaton Cross. He was ill at birth and taken to Freedom Fields Hospital in Plymouth where he had a successful operation and is now a strapping six foot 3inches and (...Read full memory)

I must have only been about 3 years old although it seems when I recall the memories, that I was older. I remember roller skating on the "hangars" at Collaton Cross. These were actually the remains of the RAF hangars (presumably where they originally stored the planes?) and were large slabs of concrete on which (...Read full memory)

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