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Caption for Corfe Castle, The Cross 1899: From the Church 1897 One of the darkest deeds in English history took place in Saxon times, when King Edward was murdered by his stepmother in 978. When hunting in this area, Edward called at the castle. His stepmother brought him a cup of wine and, as he drank, one of her servants stabbed the king in the back. The slain monarch was canonised as Edward the Martyr, and Corfe Church was dedicated to his memory.

An extract from Dorset Photographic Memories.

Memories of Corfe Castle, the Cross 1899

circa 1950, once a year they had a rook shoot in the castle, the men from around would meet in the square with an assortment of guns, rifles,shotguns,relics from both wars, all sorts of armoury, two of us young boys would be allotted to one gun, however many he shot we had to get the birds and then cut off their legs,the (...Read full memory)

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