Creetown, Chain Road c.1955

Memories of Creetown, Chain Road c1955

This brings back so many memories to me.I was born in 1956 registered just up the hill in the congo at 10 Chain terrace.But all my childhood memories are of the wonderfullly happy time I spent at 3 Chain road with my Grandma and Granda Love. Hugh Love (old Ped) was at various times milkman for Skimmings,drove (...Read full memory)

Friends of the family owned a remote cottage towards Cairnsmoor from Creetown. We holidayed from Surrey on steam-hauled trains via Carlisle to the end of the world. Sheep scratched their backs on the corner of the cottage. Brown water baths were handpumped and cooking was on an explosive paraffin cooker. As a small boy (...Read full memory)

I have picked 1953 because I was ten then. My father, Willie, was a Hughes and my mother, Ekbery, was a Farrell. There were loads of us in the Ferry. I lived in 9 St John St then we moved the 5 Louden Place when it was built. My father was a shot firer at the quarry until he got blown up and (...Read full memory)

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