Creetown, St John's Street c.1955

Memories of Creetown

I was born in Harbour Street in 1946 then in 1948; moved to one of the new houses built post war (22 Louden Place). I remember well all the families; Herries, Cronnie, Cowan, Eadie, Hughes, Parker, McCallum, Brown, McDowall, Boyle, Barras, Galloway ,Ross, Longridge, Timony, McGuffie, Coltart, Muir, Gray, Lupton (...Read full memory)

I lived at 2 Chain Road in the 50's sandwiched between the Loves and the Harveys with my parents and brothers, Jeff and Richard. The Lindsays lived two doors away with Johnny and Gillian. Our neighbour's were great characters especially Mr and Mrs Love who had an open house so we were in and out with Reggie all the time. (...Read full memory)

I left Creetown 50 years ago to live and work in Suffolk. I have happy memories of playing football with about 20 aside each night and went back the next night to carry on with the score. I used to love watching Creetown FC and their players were your heroes in those days. Fairy Cowan played for my other team (...Read full memory)

This brings back so many memories to me.I was born in 1956 registered just up the hill in the congo at 10 Chain terrace.But all my childhood memories are of the wonderfullly happy time I spent at 3 Chain road with my Grandma and Granda Love. Hugh Love (old Ped) was at various times milkman for (...Read full memory)

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