Crewe, Market Street c.1965

Memories of Crewe

Hi my name is Nichola my sister is 6years older than me she was born in 1952 and when she become 17 she just loves dancing in Crewe she used to go to the dance hall called u the junction it was a black and white building near Nantwich road their was a dance hall near Asda near the car park There's all so one along erstreet . Crewe

Hi my name Nichola I when 't to west street infants I can remember my first day there was a lot of children crying and my mum said I will be waiting for you when you come out do you know the teachers names that worked there

I remember Whitoff bakery at the top of Wast Street as this was the year I got married and we hired our cake stand from them.

My earliest memory is sitting watching the trains thunder over the Cumberland bridge opposite our house in Market Street(1925). We were then moved to 24 Timbrell Ave, it later became 124, we lived there until 1943. During that time, I worked for the C W S delivering milk by horse and cart, saw Rolls Royce bombed and started a (...Read full memory)

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