Crewe, Market Street c.1965

Memories of Crewe

I was born and raised in Coppenhall on a little farm just off Bradfield Road. Our farm turning was at the bottom of the Eighteen Step Bridge and was along-side the railway line. At the back of the farm, there was the old Brickyard Pit. It was an old clay workings and my first memory of it as a small boy (I was born in 1943) was when (...Read full memory)

Still more memories of my early life in Crewe. As a young boy every Saturday morning was spent watching my favourite film stars; Roy Rogers, Ken Maynard, Dan Dare etc. Plenty of cinemas to go to; The Grand, The Kino, The Empire, The Palace, The Plaza and later on The Odeon. In the queue with my mother collecting her (...Read full memory)

I lived in the huts from the age of four to the age of eleven. The huts were on Wistaton Road, where the huts were was called Park Place. Looking at Park Place from Queens Park to the left was a small field and going further left was Webb Orphanage, then a gully which was a short cut to West Street. Behind the small field before (...Read full memory)

I remember when I started school - I think it may have been Brierley Street, but I left Crewe in l956, aged 8, so I am not sure, but we lived on Nantwich Road in a flat above the Co-op. From the late 1940s my dad (Sydney Alston) used to work for Rolls-Royce as an upholsterer. I used to play every day after school in Queens Park, (...Read full memory)

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