Crewe, Market Street c.1965

Memories of Crewe

I lived in the huts from the age of four to the age of eleven. The huts were on Wistaton Road, where the huts were was called Park Place. Looking at Park Place from Queens Park to the left was a small field and going further left was Webb Orphanage, then a gully which was a short cut to West Street. Behind the small field before (...Read full memory)

we lived at 44 park place we had great fun in the old air raid shelters but still sends shivers down my spine no hot water no electricity taking the battery to the garage to be charged so that we could listen to the radio

I have a memory of visiting the Town Hall in the early 70s with my grandfather and being fascinated by a water feature in the foyer. It's no longer there and the staff don't seem to recall it at all. Have I imagined this or can anyone shed any light?

Hello my name is ashlee I'm 17 years old and i live in Devon, my grandfather is called George Hughes and his deceased wife was called Maria Roberts they had a music store in crewe not sure where or what time of year it was i would imagine it was in the 60's or the 80's but the music store was closed (...Read full memory)

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