Dagenham, Chequers Lane c.1950

Memories of Dagenham, Chequers Lane c1950

The May and Baker factory, close to the railway station at Dagenham East was once one of the largest factories in the area. The company was best known for developing the drug quinine to combat malaria, often simply referred to as M&B tablets. It manufactured and distributed all sorts of chemicals, agrochemicals (...Read full memory)

In the 1960's I worked for Telephone Cables Limited or TCL as it was known, laying underground cables all over the UK. As one of the drivers I regularly had to go to the works to pick gear up. If my memory serves me right this view is taken looking back up Chequers Lane towards the Ford Works and that is TCL on the left with Dagenite batteries just beyond anf then an ungated railway crossing.

I used to live in the little cottages at the bottom of Chequers Lane. 7 of us in a 2 up 2 down, outside loo - no bathroom. There was a ditch running all along the back of the cottages and all us children had hours of fun playing there jumping across or making a bridge, used to get told off if we went home with a 'booty'!! (...Read full memory)

I remember going down this road to the Labour Exchange for my dad to sign on.

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