Dagenham, Crown Street c.1950

Memories of Dagenham, Crown Street c1950

We moved to Dagenham from Plaistow in East London when I was two years old. We moved to Leys Avenue, on the Rookery Farm estate. It was out in the sticks then with the remainder of Rookery Farm still in business with cows and horses. At the end of Leys Avenue the road continued for about a quarter of a mile (...Read full memory)

I was baptised in the Parish Church just beyond the trees on the left. My sister-in-law lived in the cottage on the far right - almost next to the Vicarage garden. In the late 40's and 50's I used to walk to Church Street from my home in Foxlands Crescent quite often. Haircuts in the barbers nearer the top of Crown (...Read full memory)

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