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In about 1964 I belonged to Marley Motorcycle Club which l think was based at Marley school in Dagenham. The club used an old barn at Stubbers in Ockendon to "hang out". We had a basic kitchen, a few old sofas and parked the motorbikes right outside. We had some great times, barbeques and rides out to be track marshalls (...Read full memory)

The May and Baker factory, close to the railway station at Dagenham East was once one of the largest factories in the area. The company was best known for developing the drug quinine to combat malaria, often simply referred to as M&B tablets. It manufactured and distributed all sorts of chemicals, agrochemicals (...Read full memory)

I was shocked and saddened when looking on Google Street view recently to find the M&B factory gone, with just a few of the old roadways and outlines of buildings left as testament to the years of work, sounds and smells that used to be. My father Stan Wilson worked as a (...Read full memory)

I came upon this site by chance and it brought back so many memories I thought I would share a few. I was born in Fritzlands Lane No. 151 this was my Grandparents house, at the age of 4 or 5 my Mum and Dad were allocated a new house on the Heath Park Estate at No 76 Fritzlands Lane,when we moved in I was (...Read full memory)

I worked for John for 10years running the sports and social club. He was such a good man, always fair, I often have him grief but we remained good friends.Much respect.

My Dad Len King worked in Fords Factory before WWII. He played football for the factory too and this game led to his job. He then left to go to war and played football in the army. I live in Australia and can't do very much research about this so if someone can help with this era I loved to hear. Anything at all to add to my Dad's story would be great.

I too lived in joan road no7 from 1938 -1952 ,there were so many boys in our street, 9 in a row of 4 houses.! what great times they were.Phil Ridgewell.

Anybody remember Pesci the fish and chip shop near car path. You could either sit down and eat or take away.

I was there from 1948-1955. Remember many staff: "Slugger" Watson -brilliant languages teacher, Mr. Day, Mr. Dakin, Mr Shepherd, Mr. Grainger -never got on with him, Mr. Davis, Mr. Pugh, Peter Cork -who I remained in contact with until his death in 2012. I played at his memorial concert in Folkestone. I did A level (...Read full memory)

Hello does anyone remember the Hawkes family that lived at 219 Heathway Dagenham?