Dartmouth, Kingswear Castle And Dartmouth Castle c.1875

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Memories of Dartmouth

For some time I had been thinking it would be nice to own a boat, and with this in mind I would keep my eyes open. It was only then I discovered boats for sale were very few and far between. You might think in a place like Dartmouth there would be plenty of boats for sale, but as post-war private boat building had yet (...Read full memory)

My cousin and spouse lived in Dartmouth when I was young, - they were a generation older than I, and ran a Fish and Chip Shop on Broasdway. The family visited them quite often - during the day my siblings and I would patrol the riverside quays inspecting the fishermen's catches and trying our fishing luck off the quayside (...Read full memory)

I have loads of memories - I moved here with my family in 1956 (aged 8) - I just read about the changing huts out at the Castle - what a lot of fun was had in them!! A big memory for me was of the Blacksmiths (the Middletons) - I spent as much time as possible down there - my mother used to ring them to tell me when to come (...Read full memory)

My uncle, Reginald, always called Dartmouth, "The Town That Time Forgot". And he meant that in a good way because Dartmouth was largely unchanged over the years and of course, as a result, is now quite the tourist attraction. My Grandmother, Mary Georgina Tillyard, and my Granddad, George Tillyard, (...Read full memory)

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