Dartmouth, Kingswear Castle And Dartmouth Castle c.1875

Memories of Dartmouth

I moved to Dartmouth in 1948 with my mother, Joan and father, Joseph Gower. We lived in Southford Road and in the summer walked out to Castle Cove. There were still changing huts above the small pool, seen here below the Castle Battery. I will always remember the man who taught me and many others to swim, he had a (...Read full memory)

I first came to Dartmouth in 1966 as a member of the Vancouver Boys Band. We were a 39 piece military style marching/concert band. All of us in the band fell in love with Dartmouth. We were hired to play for the Carnival in June and the Regatta in August. I returned with the band in 1968 and 1970. On one of the trips, a Mr (...Read full memory)

I joined the College in Sep 1965 at the last moment so they were not really expecting me despite the fact MOD Navy told me to proceed. I was not a brilliant pupil, but ready to give it my all. I was not the pattern that they were hoping to mold into the standard officer material. Despite the (...Read full memory)

I have loads of memories - I moved here with my family in 1956 (aged 8) - I just read about the changing huts out at the Castle - what a lot of fun was had in them!! A big memory for me was of the Blacksmiths (the Middletons) - I spent as much time as possible down there - my mother used to ring them to tell me when to come (...Read full memory)

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