Other Memories from Doncaster

Hi I lived in Hyde park in the1960s.We used to play football in elm field park,I used to have to walk to school on balby bridge called st Francis.memorable days.i have looked for photographs of Hyde park in the 60s but have never seen any.i lived on Palmer street,have you any pictures I would love to see them.

I used to stay at the"Almel Hotel"&the"Salutation"in Doncaster whenever I was on the long haul up to Northern Scotland

I was born in Kirk Sandall, Doncaster, and our family are trying to trace the family tree. My grandmother Mrs F M Britten used to run a grocery shop at 109 Balby Road in the 1930s (I believe it's now a hairdressers) Does anyone remember this, and has any photo's of the shop. My father, Samuel Britten died 5years ago, so I'm trying to find someone who may have any memories of that time, and fill in some history. My name was Anne Britten prior to marriage.

i lived in old Rossington in the early 1950 had many happy hours playing on the old round tree it is not there any more and going down stringy billies .got married in 1966 and moved to armthorpe my name before i was married marlene thompson

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