Easington Colliery, The Colliery c.1960
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At this time, Easington was one of six large pits situated along the coast of County Durham; the others were Wearmouth, Vane Tempest, Dawdon, Seaham and Horden. Between them they employed over 10,000 men and extracted over 4 million tonnes of coal a year from seams stretching out under the North Sea. Easington closed in 1993.

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Below I give a thread on my blog which currently contains 24 items about Easington Colliery. In addition, I have three articles covering its history between 1899 and 1935 which appear in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 annual editions of the Journal of the North East Labour History Society. A more synopic piece about aspects of my early life at Easington Colliery (especially from 1945 to 1963) is due ...see more
I was born in Easington Coliery in December 1940. Grew up in Canada In Dene Avenue. My dad worked At the pit as a wagonwayman in the Hutton Seam. Grandparents were from Cornwall Stret, East.I had a tha best childhood ever. Hawthorne Dene, Boaties Bay. The white steps at the railway to the Beach Banks , the viaduct, , Ariel flight , gorgeous scenery . Wonderful schools , great people, Seaside Lane, Timothy ...see more
I used to spend all my pocket money and wages from my paper rounds in Equis with Anita. She would order in the records that I wanted, and whilst I was looking I would have a hot drink of vimto. The layout of the shop, with the seating cubicles and juke box at the end bring back happy memories. Nearly forgot to mention the tutti fruiti ice cream made on site by Anita's father. I know that her ...see more