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One of my earliest memories of school in Easington is of Miss Nicholson telling my mother, Alice Stephenson, nee Griffiths, that she would look out for me when I started at Easington Infants. Actually, I was never in her class. I had Miss Ferguson as a teacher before she became Head Mistress. I used to (...Read full memory)

As very young boy from Ascot Street I recall going shopping with mam to Walter Willson' s and then over the road to Snowdons for a bag of broken biscuits. Ice creams from Equis were lush but who didn't enjoy Burdess's little meat pies....cut the top off and suck the gravy out...mmm. Saw my first (...Read full memory)

I was born in rented 'rooms' at Wordsworth Road in 1936 and came to move with my parents to five different addresses at Easington before I moved away from the area, when I married in 1963. But although my wife Ann comes from Shotton Colliery, events took us initially to Hull. I was always known as (...Read full memory)

I was posted to the RAF radar unit in Hawthorne from 1954-1955 and had some of the happiest memories of my service in Easington Colliery. We attended most of the dances in the Welfare Hall after having coffee in Moscardininis? cafe. I was particularly friendly with Eileen Quinn who lived in the Station Hotel (...Read full memory)

I had the perfect Job for me when I was 10. John (Jacky) Robinson had me working for him on the horse and cart. Fridays and Saturdays you could hear us walking the streets of Easington - our famous yell was "ANY STICKS OR LOGS MISSUS ORAYELUMBA". Sundays would be pop day "ANY POP TODAY MISSUS". I still (...Read full memory)

Although I moved away from Easington Colliery over forty years ago I still regard it as where I belong. Born in Glebe Terrace, I spent my early schooling attending the infant and junior departments in the colliery. I had to walk to school, no school run back then, and that also provides me with a sad memory of (...Read full memory)

NOBLE/DAWSON FAMILY. Has anyone any info leading to the NOBLE/DAWSON family. My husband's family were from Easington / Trimdon area. Jim, Alice, Humphrey, Anne,Jane Hannah, Martha, Albert They were children of the DAWSON family. Humphrey Dawson, Jane Anne Dawson. We have an address of 36 Dyke Street, (...Read full memory)

Below I give a thread on my blog which currently contains 24 items about Easington Colliery. In addition, I have three articles covering its history between 1899 and 1935 which appear in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 annual editions of the Journal of the North East Labour History Society. A more synopic (...Read full memory)

I remember spending most of my night in Equis with all my mates and we used to have a great time listening to the jukebox etc, flirting with the lads. Does anyone remember? Jennifer Stratford Midge Pigford (deceased) Majorie Roxby Baz Myers Pop Noble Betty Carr I used to work in Mitchells shoe shop (...Read full memory)

Would anyone happen to remember Robert and Dorothy Adamson who resided at Easington Colliery, Seaside Lane?