Old Maps of East Witton

Historic Maps of East Witton and the local area.

Memories of East Witton

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I wonder how many Ryders still live in Leyburn and East Witton. My mother was the daughter of George Ryder who was born in East Witton in 1881. George's parents were William G and Margaret Ryder who had at least 9 children, all born in East Witton. William G himself was the only child of Joseph Ryder whose brother John farmed (...Read full memory)

East Witton's interest to me began as it was the birthplace of my grandfather and his parents resided in Wast Witton Without (i found this through the 1901 census), though I cannot get any further back in time. I worked in nearby Leyburn and visited East Witton daily to get a sense of its aura and atmosphere, hoping to meet (...Read full memory)