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Caption for Eastleigh, Leigh Road 1951: We are now further along Leigh Road and looking back towards the station. Trees planted c1900 are now mature, and more modern lighting has been installed. On the right is the Eagle Building, erected c1900 by William Wallis, an entrepreneur who liked large buildings. It was occupied mainly by Woolworths, but there were also small shops such as the Luton Hat Shop; Alfred Webb, a photographer; Collins, a butcher; and Bayliss, a greengrocer and florist. The edge of the recreation ground can be seen on the left.

An extract from Around Eastleigh including Chandler's Ford, Bishopstoke and Botley Living Memories.

Memories of Eastleigh, Leigh Road 1951

All the pictures have such lasting memories. I was born on Nutbeem Road in 1935 and attended Chamberlayne Road Boys School and Barton Peverill Grammar School. Three of us, Dave Gardner, John Young and myself, started at the same time at Chamberlayne Road school at the outbreak of WWII in September 1939 and, (...Read full memory)

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