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Caption for Eastleigh, the Swimming Pool c1955: We now leave the old tithing of Eastley and come over the London to Southampton railway line into Barton. In 1932, the local County High School left the Barton Peveril farmhouse (which gave it its name), and shortly afterwards this open air swimming pool was built in the grounds. Water from the Barton River was filtered through the chlorination plant at the far end, left centre.

An extract from Around Eastleigh including Chandler's Ford, Bishopstoke and Botley Living Memories.

Memories of Eastleigh, the Swimming Pool c1955

I spent my first years at 115 Leigh Rd and then moved across the road to 38-40 Leigh Rd-right across from Nutbeem Rd. I remember Stanley Brehaut the photographer. I went to Barton Peveril and then on to Loughborough to run for their athletics team before leaving for the US and now living in Tampa Florida. If anybody remembers me (...Read full memory)

Wow! I had almost forgotten about this pool. I have already recorded memories of swimming in the rivers at Bishopstoke, but when there was an epidemic of Polio we were all stopped from going into the river and went to the swimming pool instead. My favourite memory was having a cup of hot Bovril after an afternoon in (...Read full memory)

Tried the big pool when I couldn't even swim!

My uncle, Arnold Spencer, was the superintendant at the pool for many years. His wife Gladys used to make hot drinks of Oxo to sell to the children. He retired when they built the new pool at Fleming Park. He is sadly now in Residential Care in Dovercout, Essex. He loved his time at the pool. Does anyone remember him?

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