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I was born in Kestrel Road in 1945 went to Chamberlin Road school then on to North end and from there got an apprenticeship at Sir Joseph Causton, Had many a memorable year working there but eventually left to work with Thomson Holidays all over the world, eventually buying a farm in (...Read full memory)

Hi,I don't know if anyone can put me out of my misery, I have memories of a Bowling Green on the sight of Sainsbury, is this a figment of my imagination or was it really there,it would have been there in the seventies as we moved to Chandlers Ford around that time .Carol Sorby/Doling

I was born at 247 Cranbury road Eastleigh on 12 December 1944 and stayed there with my parents, Jack and Tess Norton and my younger brother Richard, until 1963 when I left to join the Royal Engineers. Every family was struggling in those post-war years with conditions that could be best described (...Read full memory)

Hi I was born in Eastleigh in 1945,in Wilmer road, I went to Chamberlayne road Boys school, North end school & Toynbee road Boys school, lots of old friends,Dave, Bobby, Terry,John, Rita,Molly, Pat,Janet,ete, they all lived in Wilmer road.We all loved going to Saturday morning pictures, And we had some grate (...Read full memory)

I loved to play on the swings, roundabouts and giant slide at Eastleigh recreation ground. The long polished brass slide was fun to try to walk up, slide down roll things down or pee down. I overheard a friend of mums who was expecting a baby – she said “It is wonderful now they can (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1942 in Passfield Avenue our house was opposite the car park of Fleming Park, I spent a lot of my childhood there. Mr Thornton was the resident park keeper and would sometimes give us used tennis balls to play on the courts, Vince Hawkins the boxer lived in Passfield Avenue and he bought his parents a fridge ( (...Read full memory)

Hi all, I was born in the tin huts at velmore camp, (yes I know not strictly Eastleigh). Try these! Can you remember them? The Green Hut on the Rec.The Railway Institute, Unity Club, Freezing your !!!! off at Bishopstoke Lido, Mr Arnold and the hot Bovril/Oxo at same, Ingrams in Leigh rd. Torbocks, Mini Diner, (...Read full memory)

I remember HIllikers very well as my grandparents, LIly and Cecil Hayter, lived next door in number 65. I also remember the fresh fish shop, I believe it was called Bayliss', and across the road and round the corner was 'Blackies', Mr Blackman's sweet shop. He made delicious ice cream.

My grandmother lived in a flat in the Eagles building behind Collins the butchers. In the 1951 picture, the girl on the bicycle could easily be me! I would have been 10 then and my coat was a light green with black around the collar, and I had a bike with a basket. I spend much time in the rec: on the (...Read full memory)

My Grand dad Mr Albert Beck was station master through my young child hood in the 50s and we lived at 2 Market Street Right opposite the Parish church,until mum and dad got a prefab at the Hundred when I was 3. The roads are so empty to what I see these days.Behind the Market street house was a coal yard and I remember a (...Read full memory)