Ecclefechan, Dumfries and Galloway

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Old Maps of Ecclefechan

Historic Maps of Ecclefechan and the local area.

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We are busy preparing more old maps of Ecclefechan from other years.

I was 10 years of age when this photograph was taken in 1955. Ecclefechan was the centre of the world to me at that age. I lived in Castle Acre and had the most wonderful childhood possible. I recall walking the burn under the road from the top of the village to the bottom without the aid of a torch, picking (...Read full memory)

I moved to Ecclefechan in 1977, I attended the old school for 3 months. I was in p3 at the time. It was overwelming at the time as I had moved from a school with only 18 pupils in total. I remember having Mcferson at the time. I moved to the new school in p4 where I had Mrs Wilson. It was an exciting time for both the pupils (...Read full memory)