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Staffordshire Photographic Memories

Staffordshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Eccleshall, High Street and Market Hall 1900' appears in this book.

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Caption for Eccleshall, High Street And Market Hall 1900: By the beginning of the 11th century the parish was doing well enough to support five churches and two chapels. Then disaster struck. In 1010 Danish raiders attacked and all but destroyed the place. Eccleshall itself was left in ruins. It was not until 1090 that the old church was rebuilt and dedicated to Holy Trinity. The town looks prosperous enough in this photograph.

An extract from Staffordshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Eccleshall

I remember the days when I lived on a farm that was owned by Mark Carter from Eccleshall Castle. I had so much fun living in Eccleshall that I didn't want to move when the farm was sold. I had loads of friends and good memories, I remember when all the children were given a Silver Jubilee coin at school, the walks to the (...Read full memory)

I stayed in The Kings Arms Hotel for a week when I came to Eccleshall in April 1975. I was there for a weeks training with my new employer F H Burgess Agricultural Engineers. They had one of around 130 branches in Stafford Street and it was my first experience of working in the farming community as I had (...Read full memory)

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