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Edinburgh Photographic Memories

Edinburgh Photographic Memories

The photo 'Edinburgh, the Castle from the Grassmarket 1897' appears in this book

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Caption for Edinburgh, The Castle From The Grassmarket 1897: The site of the Marquis of Montrose's execution was not here, but at the Mercat Cross in the High Street. Having been declared a traitor in 1644, Montrose was not given the benefit of a trial. After hanging for three hours, his body was taken down and quartered. His head was set upon the tolbooth, and his limbs were sent for public display on the gates of Stirling, Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen. In 1661, Montrose was allowed a state burial.

An extract from Edinburgh Photographic Memories.

Memories of Edinburgh

I can't quite work out exactly where this is. I think its a little bit downstream from the other image of Dean Village, but the buildings on the left of the footbridge are not as I remember them - maybe they were demolished? I think the 'twin towers', in the distance are (or were) the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art?

This is were I grew up in Craigentinny in Edinburgh. I went to Christmas parties here when I was really young, I also went to big picnics from here because my Mum went to the guild here or went to play dominos and they held dances and& concerts. I will never forget one picnic we went to. I was 5 years old and (...Read full memory)

This is the view from Telfords Dean Bridge looking towards Stockbridge. The Water of Leith is just visible, having just flowed through Dean Village (on the 'other side of the picture', behind the photographer. There is a path from Dean Village to Stockbridge along the bank of the Water of Leith. When I lived here (~1976-2003). (...Read full memory)

When I was 8 or 9 years old our family moved from Clyde Street, Edinburgh to the High Street or, as we called our immediate area, 'The Tron', in view of living in the shadow of the old Tron Kirk. Our address was 'Fleshmarket Close' of Ian Rankin fame ref the book of that title. The number of the Tennement was 199 High (...Read full memory)

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