Memories of Enfield

This photo brought back memories of 'swimming' of which mostly was done under water. I had a bit of trouble co-ordinating arms and legs. The height of adventure was to use the slide (shown in the photo). Splash into the water and then a desperate sideways crawl back to the side of the pool. Blue lips and a shivering body was revived by a cup of Oxo and a slice of bread in the cafeteria.

Remember Stammers the grocers. ? Also what was the name of the engine reborers on the corner of Kynaston Rd? Harvey & Cleverley butchers. (my mum bought rabbits there!)

I used to help cleen up the market on Saterday Nights when I was a small boy, the church bells used to toll and one night sounded for hours. One stall holder was very small and when he drove his truck he had wooden blocks fitted to the peddles and could only see through the stearing wheel.

My parents moved to Enfield in 1936 when I was 6 years old. we lived in Norfolk Rd Ponders End. I loved Saturday Minors at the Picture Palace ( The Plaza ) seeing Buck Jones the cowboy and Flash Gordon, It was damaged by bombing and never opened again as a Cinema, but there were (...Read full memory)

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