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The 1901 census shows my grandad was living at 49 Durants Road Enfield with his wife and two children. His occupation is shown as Clerk at Electric Lamp Works. Does anyone know the likely name and location of the Electric Lamp Works?

I used to go to The Court School Of Dancing in 1961, 1962 ,1963. This was above Burton's in the market square at the centre of Enfield. It used to be open 7days a week. The evening started with a lesson,and then practise of all the ballroom dances for the rest of the evening. I made many great friends there,and (...Read full memory)

I remember the pool very well, I attended Suffolks Secondary Modern School in Brick Lane, just off the Great Cambridge Road, we walked to the pool for swimming lessons but if you could not swim the teachers did not bother to try teach you. One day my friend Doreen Banks told our parents we were going swimming but in (...Read full memory)

I can remember walking through Enfield Town as a young boy The Town then had shops like Ketts The electrical shop that sold Radios, Portable Reel to Reel taperecorders, Radiograms, and Record players , then left of that was The Copshop, Right of that was Woolworths,That sold nearly anything , but on the front of the (...Read full memory)

We lived at the bottom of Lavender Hill and went to St Michael's School. Hilly Fields, Whitewebbs, Stapleton's farm, Tinky Tops, Flash Lane; they were all our stamping ground. My brother Bob also used to run along the tops of the 14 arches. We were forbidden to go there but of course we did! I thought that my sisters and I (...Read full memory)

I moved to Enfield in 1990, and lived just oppostie the Hop poles in Baker Street. Lancaster Road had a wide variety of shops even then. Three Greengrocers and a Butchers to start with, as well as several bakers. Next to the Co-op, an old lady sold eggs from a half barn door...nothing else, just eggs. I (...Read full memory)

I believe this is a photograph of me, James Ernest Thomas Massey, being pushed in my pram by my father Ernest James Massey, and mother Rosina Massey, towards our home above Dolcis shoe shoe at 5 Burleigh Way, Enfield Middlesex, sometime in the first year of my life. God Rest their souls.

When I was about ten years old or so I remember going to Liverpool St. station lots of times on the steam train with my dad. We would leave Enfield town about 4 a.m. to do the buying at Spitalfields and Covent Garden markets for our greengrocery shop. On the days we took the train the produce would be delivered to our shop by (...Read full memory)

St. Andrew's Church behind the market place was a church where Princess Elizabeth, who became Queen Elizabeth the 1st often prayed. She sometimes lived at the old palace that became Pearsons and I was told that there at one time existed a tunnel between the Palace and the St. Andrew's Church. It is reputed (...Read full memory)

I worked as a carpenter on the construction of the Civic Centre for Allen Fairhead &Sons whose H.Q. was in Enfield Town just down the road from Lyons Corner House opposite the gas company. I got married during this period and was working seven days a week as I needed the cash, I cleared seventeen pound a (...Read full memory)