Old Maps of Ferndale

Historic Maps of Ferndale and the local area.

My maiden name was Bertorelli , my parents were John and Lena and had the fish shop at 39 Duffryn Street. Lots may remember my older brothers . Frank , Lewi, John, Ronnie Mario-my elder sister is Julia and our youngest sister is Tania. The family moved to Bridgend in 1957 . Sadly the boys have since passed away but we (...Read full memory)

My name is Dennis Lewis; I am the boy sitting on the horse. I was six or seven years old. My brother, Jeff, is the boy playing in the background. We played in the park almost every day during the summer. I remember the photographer asking me to sit on the horse and make it swing so that he could take the photograph. How wonderful to it see it for the first time almost sixty years later!