Ferryside, The Ferry Boat 1925
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The man seen pushing off from the shore here, his sizeable skiff equipped with both sails and outboard engine, is no fisherman. By the look of the boarding plank and the amount of seating, he is more likely to be a ferryman. He would need both sources of power to manoeuvre across the dangerous currents of the River Towy, whilst carrying his passengers across from Ferryside to Llanstephan.

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My grandfather Maurice Griffiths had moved from London and I believe he used to operate the ferry from time to time. He used to live at Woodbine Villas and latterly a beach cottage close to station. Difficult to tell whether he is person in picture. My father took us for many beach holidays to Ferryside - the sands were idyllic then - around 1950's. A most beautiful and heavenly spot on the river! Grateful to hear from anyone who remembers our family