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Teeing Off

Theme Calendar - Teeing Off

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Memories of Finchley

I grew up in East Finchley and one of our family treats during the summer was trips to the 'outdoor pool' with my brother, sister, mother (Dad was usually at work), aunts and cousins from Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire. Usually as little ones we spent our time in the small pool at the bottom of the (...Read full memory)

Wonderful memories of the hot summers of the late 1950s and 1960s, visiting the pool most weekends and during the school holidays. I learned to swim there. Hearing the announcements over the tannoy, the smell of Peanut Brittle and Nivea. Collecting soft drink bottles for the deposit, the St. John Ambulance hut, etc.etc.

On the left is the entrance to Victoria Park, just where the car is parked. Originally there were lovely wrought iron gates which Queen Victoria had opened on the dedication of the park. The council had them removed much to everyones dismay. That must have been in the '50s? In the middle distance on the right is the old police station.

This photo brings back the - what seemed - endless summer days of the 50's and 60's when we would go with our togs and sandwiches (probably jam) in the care of an older friend and queue for tickets for the day. Our parents sometimes were working or didn't like to go because of the noise and excitement of the children. We were (...Read full memory)

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