Finningley, Composite c.1955

Memories of Finningley

I remember my parents and my sisters and I moving to live in a hut about 1955. My father had been commissioned as an Officer and after about 1 year, we moved to "the big house" which was a large property at the Officers' Quarters We then moved again on the camp to a brand new house just built and known as (...Read full memory)

During the war years in 1940, we moved from Doncaster to Rossington. My father worked on the railway and felt we would be safer in the country. We lived at 254 Gatehouse Crossing and later in 1948, at 383 Gatehouse, Bessacarr. My mother had charge of the gates and would open them for the farmer, Mr Lee. It was also (...Read full memory)

During the WW2 war my dad was posted at R A F Finningley and we his family lived in the village at a small holding across the road from the school. I can still see in my mind Wilf the owner who lived there too with his wife. Also the geese and poultry and that we had to take a brush shaft when we went to the outside privy to (...Read full memory)

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