Little Pond House At Tilford - a Memory of Frensham.

My wife's health was not that good, and, in 1961, she was sent for a recuperative fortnight at the Little Pond House. It was a convalescent home for children used by the NHS and had also been home to children from Europe sent there by International Help for Children after the war. During August, 2010 we managed to track it down and were shown round what is now a care home: it brought back many memories for my wife. When she was sent there in 1961, her mother in Winchmore Hill had packed a suitcase of clothes. This stayed unopened as she was given clothes to wear by the LPH staff.

A memory shared by Mark Hough on Sep 1st, 2010.
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Tue Mar 27th 2018, at 2:14 pm
I was there for a few weeks...not sure how long and not sure of my age but probably about 9 or ten years old, which would be 1964/5 ish. I remember having pea soup, the first time I had it, and I loved it. There was a large garden with a treed area and if I remember rightly a big shed with toys in it. I loved it there. I only vaguely remember a woman who seemed kind.
Mon Oct 31st 2016, at 9:19 pm
My Name is Jean and I born in the East End of London in August 1953. My Mother had taken myself and my brother to the Doctor and asked that they send my brother and I away to build me up (why I don`t know because there was nothing wrong with me) at that particular time. The Doctor arranged that we go to Little Pond House in Surrey for a period of time this was back in the 1960`s. My Mother packed a suitcase for me and my brother took us to the train station where we were met by strangers and as she waved us off I can remember crying and crying as I did not want her to leave us. We did not know where we were going or what we were going in to but it was a very frightening experience as we had never been sent away before. I was scared that we were never going to see mum and dad again and thought she gave us away to strangers forever. When myself and my brother arrived at the home it had dormatories and to us it was like a prison. The Lady and Man that run the home were not nice people at all to us in particular and at night I was force-fed (Malt) at night which made me gag until I was sick and I dreaded the night times coming round. I remember that the home had a high fence all around and I planned to run away leaving my brother behind because he was scared to come with me. I wrote a Letter to my Mum and Dad begging them to bring us home as we hated it there so much. One day I climbed over the fence and escaped running down all the roads (remembering I was a child) trying to find a post box so the post man could deliver my letter home. I could not find a letter box but ran into a man and I could not breathe with fright firstly because I escaped and secondly because my brother was still in there and thirdly because I knew I was going to get into serious trouble when they caught me. I begged this man to post the letter for me, I could remember where I lived and he agreed to post it. After a couple of days the home was contacted by my Parents and they wanted to know how I got out the place and what was going on with us there. My parents were angry. I was caught out in the street when people came to look for me and I was returned to the children`s home. The man and lady treated me really roughly and made me sit in the corridor and still forced me to have the (Malt) on the night. But eventually my Mother got us home and myself and my brother could hardly speak to them as we were never allowed to talk unless we got spoken to. My parents could not believe the dramatic effect of us being sent away had had on us both. I absolutely hated the place with a vegence to such a degree it has stayed with me for the rest of my life and I am now 63 years old. Just the other day a Name was mentioned on the TV that was similar to Little Pond House and I had to look up on the Internet to see if anyone had stayed there too. I am surprised at the two comments that I have read but I have nothing good to say about the man or woman that ran the home at all. I have never forgiven my Mother for sending us there all those years ago and will never understand why she did.
Tue Mar 8th 2016, at 3:13 pm
mikechapman commented:
I was sent to little pond house in 1953/4 from Enfield Lock,for 2 weeks,Had a wonderful time playing table tennis a lot with one of the staff.Met up with one of the girls of my age 3/4 years later and then lost contact with her.I often think of my time there.I believe we used to go to the three devil jumps for outings there.

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