Old Maps of Gerrards Cross

Historic Maps of Gerrards Cross and the local area.

I was one of the children who lived in the children's home called Crossfield House, from about 1959/60 to about 1965. My sister joined me a year or two after I went there to live, her name is Brenda. There were about 12 to 16 children that lived there. We had a matron and a house (...Read full memory)

This is a photo full of memories for me, too. We lived in Tatling End (Brokengate Lane) from 1941 to 1954, so Gerrards Cross was more than familiar to me! In the photo on the right, you can see the garage/petrol station where I got my first holiday job in 1960, and my mum was an assistant in WH Smith's just opposite (...Read full memory)