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Scotland's first university, founded in 1411. Turnbull became bishop in 1447 and continued till 1454. The university really put Glasgow on the map, although it had a hard struggle to get fully established. Classes (confined to the arts faculty) were originally conducted in the cathedral crypt, but within two years had moved to a separate building on the east side of the High Street. Over the centuries this developed into a splendid structure with twin quadrangles. With the phenomenal commercial and industrial expansion of Glasgow in the 19th century this site became too cramped, so in 1870 the university sold the land for a railway goods yard (hence College Goods Station, now demolished to make way for luxury flats).

Memories of Glasgow, the Broomielaw 1897

The deck of this bridge was removed in 1966/7 and only the piers remain. There is an inscription on the Eastern face of the piers, in english and some other language (maybe greek) (I have a photo). The photograph shows one of the Clutha River Buses, which operated from 1884 to 1903, coming into Jamaica Street pier, The Cluthas eventually became uneconomic when the Electric Trams were introduced and the Underground Railway was opened. The history of the Cluthas has largely been forgotten.

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